Internship Programs

ICOMOS Philippines is investing in getting students and emerging professionals, from diverse backgrounds, interested in heritage. ICOMOS’ programs challenge interns to apply their current skills, honed further by close mentorship from members, to partake in solving preservation problems.


Research internships are offered to students and emerging professionals from different fields of study. Students receive close mentorship by ICOMOS members through their individualised fields of study to complete a national baseline study of the practice, policy, spending and economic impact of heritage in the Philippines.

The program formally opened in 2018, and will continue until 2022. The objectives are:

1)  Gather baseline data research on heritage policy and preservation practice to identify the gaps in these fields, which ICOMOS can fill in by policy recommendations.

2)   Evaluate  sites listed  in the Philippine Registry of Cultural Properties (PRECUP) in relation to geography, typology, use, and national funding.

3) Develop case studies for economic benefits of preserving heritage sites in the Philippines.

4) Evaluating the ecosystem of current preservation stakeholders.

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ICOMOS has partnered with the Fundacion Santiago to source two interns for research and first-person interpretation of a national shrine for training by Fundacion staff. ICOMOS will evaluate the output by focus group discussions with students who experience the tour.

The Fundacion’s work is in partnership with the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.