Legislative Acts

  • Act 243 (28 Sep 1901) – An Act Granting The Right To Use Public Land Upon The Luneta In The City Of Manila Upon Which To Erect A Statue To Jose Rizal, From A Fund To Be Raised By Public Subscriptions, And Prescribing As A Condition The Method By Which Such Subscription Shall Be Collected And Disbursed.
  • Act 1893 (1903) – An Act Appropriating Fifteen Thousand Dollars, United States Currency, For The Purpose Of Contributing To The Erection Of The Rizal Monument, And Authorizing The Insular Treasurer To Deposit The Funds Already Collected In A Bank To Draw Interest.
  • Act 1856 (13 Jun 1903) – An Act Authorizing the Construction of a Pantheon Of Illustrious Filipinos, And Providing For The Appointment Of A Committee To Take Charge Of The Matter.
  • Act 3602 (30 Nov 1929) – An Act Appropriating The Sum Of Ninety-Seven Thousand Pesos To Complete The Amount Existing In The Insular Treasury For The Erection Of A Monument To The Memory Of Andres Bonifacio, And For Other Purposes.
  • Act 3751 (26 Nov 1930) – An Act To Authorize The Erection Of A Monument Or Memorial To General Gregorio Del Pilar At The Place Where He Fell In Tirad Pass, Province Of Ilocos Sur, And Appropriate Funds For That Purpose.