Cultural Landscapes

Journal articles

Keywords: Sustainable Urban Development; Small Island Developing States; Urban Forests; Climate Change; Urban Landscapes; Historic Urban Landscapes

Keywords: Mayon Volcano; Nature-culture; Natural Park; Conservation

Keywords: Cultural landscapes; Cebu studies; Central Philippines; Social history; sea level; tectonism; archaeological landscape

Conference papers

Keywords: Landscape; cultural landscape; intangible heritage; World Heritage Convention; Operational Guidelines; World heritage cultural landscapes; authenticity; integrity; Asia


Keywords: Cultural Landscapes; Organically formed landscapes; safeguarding cultural landscapes; promoting heritage


Keywords: Cultural landscapes; Pacific Studies; Asia

Cultural Landscapes: Ifugao and its Rice Terraces


Keywords: Agricultural intensification, landscape engineering, ifugao, philippines, archaeology, rice terraces, historical archaeology

Journal articles

Keywords: Ifugao, Philippines, heritage conservation, local museums, indigenous education, indigenous archaeology

Keywords: Agricultural terraces, Dating methodology, Ifugao, Philippines, Responses to colonialism, Energetics, Spatial modeling

Keywords: Resistance, Habitus, Agency, Environmental practice, Wet-rice, Spanish colonialism, Ifugao, Philippines

Keywords: Philippines, Ifugao Rice Terraces, rice (Oryza sativa), pollen, phytoliths, starch

  • Acabado, S.B., M. Sanders, J.A. Peterson, M. Martin, and A. Lauer. 2018. The Ifugao Archaeological Project, 2012-2017. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 46(1-2): 1-14.


  • Pagulayan, R.D. and S.B. Acabado. 2018. A Diachronic Investigation of Old Kiyyangan’s Cultural Deposits: A Comparison of Different Stratigraphic Layers. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 46(1-2): 15-32.


  • Meyer-Lorey, R. and S.B. Acabado. 2018. Economic Intensification in Old Kiyyangan: Global Interaction and Intra-Regional Trade Revealed through Trade Ceramics. Philippine Quarterly of Culture and Society 46(1-2): 33-48.


Keywords: Wet-rice, Status, Elites, Pottery, Ifugao

Keywords: Pigs, Morphometry, Resistance, Colonialism, Rituals, Ifugao, Philippines

Keywords: Ifugao, archaeology, ethnic identities, community, indigenous

Keywords: Pericolonial archaeology, highland Philippines, Ifugao, colonialism

Keywords: Water, Ifugao, rice terraces, the Philippines, upland people

Keywords: Foodways (Anthropology), Archaeobotany, Stable Isotopes, Southeast Asian Archaeology, Biomolecular archaeology, Archaeological Chemistry, Stable Isotopes and Palaeodiet, Organic Residue Analysis

Keywords: lfugao; community archaeology; grassroots NGO

Keywords: lfugao; infant burial; mortuary practices

Keywords: Little Ice Age; climate change; terraces; lfugao

Keywords: Ifugao, Rice Agriculture, archaeology, faunal studies, animal domestication, rice cultivation

Keywords: Archaeology, Anthropology, Historical Archaeology, Public Archaeology, Colonialism, Heritage Conservation, Philippines, Philippine History, Ifugao

Keywords: Agricultural systems, irrigation, ifugao, landscape, spatial pattern, ethnographic

Keywords: Agricultural systems, forms of production, cultivation, ifugao, intensive rice terracing, swidden farming, agroforestry

Keywords: Rice cultivation, ifugao, agricultural system, ethnohistoric reconstructions, ethnographic information, landscape analysis

Keywords: Archaeology, landscape, ifugao, philippines, irrigation management, social organisation, sustainability, agriculture

Keywords: Philippines, Ifugao, sixteenth century, Spanish, Rice, terraced fields

Chapters in journals or other periodicals

Keywords: Archaeology, Southeast Asian Studies, Ethnography, Heritage Conservation, Philippines, Ifugao, UNESCO world heritage

Keywords: Ifugao, biodiversity, rice terraces, agriculture, heritage, culture, landscape

Keywords: Ifugao, intangible heritage, rice terraces, Philippines, traditions

  • Acabado, S.B. 2015. Preface: The Ifugao Archaeological Project. National Museum Journal of Cultural Heritage, 1(1): iii-v.


Keywords: Ifugao, spanish colonialism, national identity, philippines, rice field system, social differentiation, archaeology, settlement patterns


Keywords: Archeological event; Ifugao studies; Ifugao, Philippines