Pre-Disaster Recovery Planning

ICOMOS and the University of Tokyo Graduate Program in Sustainability Science collaborate on a Pre-disaster Recovery Planning project for Intramuros, which currently has none in place.

In its essence, the project is a framework for collaboration and prioritisation of work in times of calamity. By simulating a disaster, the workshop enables identification of gaps in the current system, and can work towards these in a comprehensive plan. These tools are used by Ritsumeikan University in its annual UNESCO Chair Program International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage, which was developed from the Commanding Post Exercises of the Japan Self Defense Force. Japan, beset by frequent earthquakes, is a country with best practices in disaster risk preparedness. Their plans have resulted in the coordinated salvaging of damaged heritage structures.
Phase 1: pre-workshop activities (October 8-9)
  • Creating values assessment for the heritage assets of Intramuros using UNESCO management system template
  • Localising risk and vulnerabilities assessment of the Fault System . 7.2 earthquake scenario
Phase 2: workshop (November 23)
  • Conducting the disaster imagination game for contextualising the scenario
  • Collaborative focus group discussion with stakeholders of the PDRP
  • Drafting of the policy brief
Phase 3: follow-up report (date tba)
  • Presentation and open forum of post-analysis findings and recommendations to stakeholders, media and public in a joint meeting and media day