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Diverse Pasts, Complex Futures – ICOMOS Day 2021 Celebration (Philippines)


In celebration of ICOMOS Day 2021, themed ??????? ?????, ??????? ???????, the Philippine National Committee hosts a talk that explores the creation, selection, and preservation of heritage through the kalesa study and the jeepney. Urban historian ??. ??????? ????? discusses the evolution of the carruaje in pre-War Manila. In the last century, it was perceived

ICOMOS Philippines Information Session

ICOMOS Philippines’ Board of Trustees and Officers will be holding an ??????????? ??????? on ??????? ?? (??????), 8:00-9:30 PM (???+?). In this event, we will be discussing the following: update for the organization’s by-laws, policies and procedures voting procedures and candidature details for the upcoming board elections in November 2020