Heritage Practice Amidst Covid-19: ICOMOS Philippines Discussion

As part of the International Day of Monuments and Sites 2020 theme of “Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility, and Shared Culture”, ICOMOS Philippines is organising a zoom discussion entitled, “Heritage Practice Amidst Covid 19”. The goal of the discussion is to check in with its members and understand how Covid-19 has affected their practice. It will explore collective strategies for heritage professionals in the Philippines to adapt to new challenges amidst the global pandemic.

The discussion is scheduled for April 25, 10 am (Manila Time), with expected attendees from various parts of the Philippines and overseas practitioners from the USA, Europe and Southeast Asia to participate. The conversation will be moderated by Erik Akpedonu, ICOMOS member and Research Associate at the Ateneo’s Institute of Philippine Culture. Members will share their current situation, challenges and prognosis of Covid-19 in their heritage practice during the 2-hour discussion.

In collaboration with Nayong Pilipino Foundation, another zoom discussion will be organised to the community of Filipino heritage practitioners, advocates and stakeholders in the next two months.

For more information on other ICOMOS events around the world, please check out the interactive map of ICOMOS International at: https://www.icomos.org/en/89-

See Full Poster Image: https://tinyurl.com/HeritagePracticeAmidstCovidPH

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