ICOMOS Philippines Foundation Day

Did you miss this?

On August 8, 1988, ICOMOS Philippines was organized by Regalado Trota José. It was the first international non-profit cultural heritage organization to have been formed in the Philippines to conserve and protect places of significance in the Philippines. Within the first twelve years, ICOMOS Philippines founding members were pivotal in the inscription to the World Heritage List: the serial sites of the Baroque Churches of the Philippines (1993), the Ifugao Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras (1995), and the Historic City of Vigan (1999). These listed sites catapulted the Philippines onto the world heritage stage.

ICOMOS Philippines has been instrumental in working with various local and international institutions and organizations by strengthening dialogues between heritage professionals through our network of National Committees, International Scientific Committees and Working Groups and via Capacity Building Programs and international webinars with renowned partners.

Let’s celebrate this momentous occasion by looking back at our 35 years of history!

Please consider donating to ICOMOS Philippines or apply for membership at: http://bitly.ws/RyhB to further our mission and vision to elevate heritage protection and conservation towards international standards in harmony with our local context. Let’s protect and promote our diverse cultural heritage together.

For more information on ICOMOS Philippines ➡️ https://philippines.icomos.org/